Disco Clothing
Disco clothing and fashions.
Think about - polyester shirts, bell bottom pants, platform shoes, boob tubes, glitter, bangles

Okay are all ready to hit the 70’s again? I know I am. The fun and excitement of the 70’s and the disco era. Have fun at your next party with these hip threads. What is groovy about the threads we wore back in the day is that they were cool and unique.

Women of the disco era had a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. In the same way, disco costumes for women are unique, while still keeping in the style. Most disco costumes for women include long, slender, belled out sleeves, and of course the trousers are usually bell bottom. Some women wore rhinestone jumpsuits. Usually there is a large belt, with large jewelry (usually gold). Other accessories could include a headband that matches the ensemble, a neck scarf, sequined hat, and other shiny, shimmering pieces of flare.

Disco Ladies Rock All Hallows Eve

Women and fashion go together like bread and butter. Throughout the modern era women’s fashions have been unique and inspirational. Even when fashions change and one style gives way to another, those older fashions will always look amazing on a beautiful woman. That is why come Halloween time, when adults have the freedom to choose any style from any era to dress in, women in particular try to find a look from the past that dazzles. There is no better dazzling outfit than that of the disco diva, the dancing queen.

Disco music has lost its luster – for some, but not me and disco dance moves are less than impressive, unless of course I'm on the dance floor. Disco may be dead for some, but certainly not on Halloween. Styles and fashions come and go, but when they finally do go, they don’t really leave for good. Just because a certain style has gone out of fashion does not mean the memories made in those fashions during that era have faded. In the 1970’s disco was not only a popular music genre, it was a dance style, a fashion craze, and a lifestyle. However the disco era may be perceived by future generations, anyone can easily see that those disco-hoppers had the time of their lives dancing the night away. This is why, on Halloween, when current fashion trends take a back seat to outrageous costumes, there is nothing more spectacular than rolling up to a bumping costume party with your pals, all in disco wear and ready to get down, get down!

Lastly, and probably most important, is hairstyle. The high ponytail, and of course, the perm, were very popular throughout the seventies. Also women with shorter hair would curl their hair under, or choose the feathered look of Farrah Fawcett. The seventies were a time of experimentation with women’s hair, so there isn’t much that is off limits. Costumes ordered online don’t always include accessories, but most accessories can be found or made at home – so don’t forget those accessories.

Things You'll Need
Boot Cut Pants
Glitter Makeup
Hippie Costumes
Platform Shoes
Polyester Leisure Suits
Blue Eye Shadow
Body Glitters
False Eyelashes
Gold Chains

Wear your hair big. Afros and pompadours were the height of disco fashion for men. Long, straight hair or very tightly permed hair was the norm for women.

Make your body sparkle and shine. Cover yourself in glitter; wear makeup in bright and shiny colors; apply fake eyelashes and lots of blue eyeshadow.

Put on loud clothes in awkward combinations.

Try to dress only in synthetic fabrics, especially polyester.

Dress in a fully matched ensemble, if possible, such as a leisure suit or velour jumpsuit. You might even wear a Village People costume.

Pull on tight pants that flare at the ankles.

Slip on platform shoes, keeping in mind that white ones are ideal.

Expose as much chest hair as possible if you're a man.

Accessorize with lots of fake gold chains and jewelry.

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Disco clothing and fashions.
Think about - polyester shirts, bell bottom pants, platform shoes, boob tubes, glitter, bangles